Where should I put downloaded books and PDF'S about Fitness, Devonthink or iBooks?

So I’m starting to get into fitness and reading more and more about it. Currently I have some PDF’s in Devonthink and others in iBooks at the moment. Should I just use Devonthink and then read said books in iBooks or PDF Expert? Curious what others would do in this case.

I keep most PDFs in Devonthink. iBooks on the Mac can’t view PDFs; they just open in whatever the default PDF viewer is. If macOS iBooks could display PDFs I’d reconsider.

My academic PDFs all go into Papers, with a subset into Devonthink.

I keep the main books in … iCloud files, I think. But any PDFs of things that I might need to reference while at the gym are in iBooks.

Almost by accident. Or habit before I knew any better. But it works really well.

I don’t really use iBooks for anything else, so it’ll remember my place and I don’t have to look very hard for anything that I need.

Thanks to the both of you, I think I’ll use Devonthink to hold my pdfs. Should I just export the PDF’S from iBooks on my iPad to Files to then transfer to Devonthink?

Might be able to drag them in directly…?

I copied them via the share sheet and it worked well

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I’m a heavy DEVONThink user but all my PDF’s to read go into GoodReader on my iPad, my reader of choice. I store archival copies on mymain filing system though.

On my main mac all PDFs and books are in my general filing system. So for example I have 2 folders that relate to scriver. One is Book-Take_Control_Scrivener which contains the most recent and the previous versions of the book in zip files so I have PDF as well as other formats. The second folder is Software-Scrivener and in it are several PDFs including the manual and a cheat sheet of commands. If I expect to need to use either I’ll load them onto my iPad in GoodReader so I can easily refer to it while working on the main machine.

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DevonThink is fine for storage but not the most pleasant place to read PDFs. Other apps - iBooks, PDF Expert, Skim, GoodReader, lots more - offer a superior reading experience.

As you can learn for yourself! :+1:

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So as I understand most users are using DT for storage and searching functionality and other software apps for content viewing in this case PDF file reading

When I first got DTP on my Mac I excitedly created a separate database just for a few dozen pdfs of magazines I’d collected and wanted to read or save. I ended up having to constantly zoom in/out and scroll around to read the flowing columns.

The experience in iBooks was better, and just as cross-platform (and free!). But on the Mac, until recently I mostly resorted to the excellent free Skim pdf reader in 2-page view.

Last month I bought for my Mac Readdle’s PDF Expert (which I’d already loved on my iOS devices), which I’m finding a very pleasant experience.


I should probably clarify. When I said I stored my PDFs mostly in Devonthink, I didn’t mean that I read them there. On the Mac, since iBooks cannot display PDFs, you have to send them to your preferred PDF reader. So, whether you store your PDFs in DTP or in iBooks, for the best reading experience, you will be using a separate PDF viewer.

It seems like it.

Skim is fantastic though now with my iPad I prefer reading PDF’s on that. Maybe this is a workflow question surrounding how to ensure that changes in highlighting sync back and show in DevonThink.

For viewing PDF’s in the Ipad I like the app [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Gd3frAmfbc](http://Liquid Text)

I’ll have to try that out @D_Rehak