Where to ask Trademark question?

Have a question regarding Trademark registration, is there any online service/place you know or recommend?
I.e website/Lawyer

As trademarks are region and discipline specific I would suggest you consult a local lawyer.

Bear in mind that if ever you need to enforce it a specialist trademark council will bill you in the thousands and with no guarantee of courts awarding you costs even if you win, that also assumes the person you are suing has it anyway.

I speak from experience!


I would imagine that @MacSparky has at least some knowledge in this area. Not sure of his specific legal specialty or whether his practice applies to where you are, but he could probably get you pointed in the right direction. :slight_smile:

thanks, giving a look at a couple websites that help with that,
if you know anyone please send them in!

Where are you?

You can do a simple or mark search of US Trademarks but it’s only really good to prove the one you want is already taken. If youa re serious a good trademark lawyer is really necessary. I’ve got several and just filed for a couple more. Generall yhe legal costs are running about $2K/trademark in the US. I can highly recommend my trademark lawyer but if you aren’t in the US he won’t help.

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thanks, it’s for a USA trademark. Checke