Where to Find Remote Jobs?

After 8 years in academia, my university has declared financial crisis and canceled many positions, including tenured faculty members. I am considering some other remote career options in online learning, sales, or technology. Where does one go to look for opportunities like this? Most of the usual job sites list only local positions.


Ouch! This is a tough step to face.

The sites I knew/know should allow you to choose a geographical location to search. – Indeed is one that comes to mind immediately. Typing in “job sites for on-line sales” gives a list.


Sorry to hear that.

I’ve been hearing about Glass Door lately.

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I’ve been working fully remote for five years. I found my job on the board weworkremotely.com. Another thing to do is search indeed.com and set the location for remote.

Good luck! Remote work is great.

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I was using https://www.placement.com/ for my job search. It allows you to search in multiple locations, remote or in person, or just remote.

Not sure if their postings are geared towards a particular sector.

Indeed is probably a good place to check. Also found a link on zip recruiter for just remote

Good luck!

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When we recently posted a job at work that was open to remote, I noticed to find it on Indeed I had to put “United States” as the location which seemed… weird, but perhaps that tip will help you.

I’ve also heard good things about http://weworkremotely.com and I know if you search http://higheredjobs.com you can check off remote as an option.

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I’m considering a similar move. I’m fortunate that my institution, though it’s facing some difficulties, seems to be weathering the storm, so I don’t have immediate concerns about my job.

But I’m interested in relocating, which will almost certainly require a career change, and remote work definitely provides a lot of flexibility.

I know that some companies are fully remote: YNAB, Automattic, Ghost, Awesome Motive. There are probably others I’m missing.

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I’ll also add that 1Password is a very remote-friendly company, and they are great to work for.

I worked for them a few years ago doing customer support, and they were great to work with. In fact, I’d say they worked very hard to make sure they were a good place to work.

You can see available positions at https://1password.com/jobs/.


I had interviewed for jobs that turned out to be remote but for some reason the company had to list cities.

One in particular I noticed that they had open reqs for the same role in about 5 different cities though no offices there. It was just locations they decided they wanted talent from and were in Timezones that worked for dealing with clients better.

I’d suggest if there is anything that interests you to apply and be up front about desire to be remote.

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I use Remotive to look for jobs. Sady still couldn’t get employed after a year, so I do freelance work from personal contacts. They do have a listing of those criteria you’ve listed. Good luck, and I hope you get the job you’re looking for!

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I found a remote job through CyberCoders. My current job I got through a friend and former colleague at the company.

I don’t know how universal it is, but the previous company was “remote friendly” and my current company is “remote first”, which is definitely better. Up until the pandemic the “remote friendly” company required employees to be local, while contractors could be either. Even when contractors were local they were not in the same building as the employees on a project. Local contractors spent a lot of time driving to meetings in the building with employees.

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