Where to keep software keys, secure notes and more?

I’m attempting to eliminate one of the few subscriptions I still have left, 1PW. I like 1PW, but I see no reason to pay a subscription if I can find an effective one-time purchase or free alternative.

I’m not interested in another third-party password manager.

I plan to migrate my passwords and passkeys to Keychain.

Other information I keep in 1PW are application license keys, application notes, credentials, and the like. Most of these don’t require robust security, but having some security is always a good idea.

An obvious option is to store keys and notes in Apple Notes in a locked note or notes. Another option would be DEVONthink.

Do you have another suggestion other than Apple Notes or DT? Is so, why?

I won’t pay a subscription, but I am willing to pay a fair price to purchase a good solution.

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I did this years ago and still have the locked folder. You create a folder of your important documents and encrypt it. I keep the password in 1Password, but you could use Keychain.

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Thanks, I’ll check that out!

Your Apple Keychain can have Secure Notes


Just be sure to export 1PW to a pif file (in case you ever decide to go back) and a PDF listing of each vault that you have. I use keychain but did that when I left 1PW a couple of years ago. Every now and then my wife asks me for some obscure password she used two years ago and now needs.



This is how I protect sensitive spreadsheets and PDFs, etc.

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I store software licenses in Apple Notes. I also have a folder in Apple mail which has the emails of software codes received.

Thats why I prefer to buy the App Store version of apps.

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Hope you have Advanced Data Protection enabled.

Nope. Perfectly fine without it.

I’ve done the note and other document storage in encrypted disk image files. When mounted, it becomes just another folder in the file system. Just encrypting the disk, FileVault, accomplishes the same goal if your computer login password is secure. However I use 1 Password for most things these days. In my case I want the ability to share with my wife over the cloud and I don’t really know of an easier way to do this, so worth the money to me even though I generally detest (and avoid) subscriptions!

I’ve been burned by Apple Notes and wouldn’t trust it with anything important as a result.


I know you’re not looking for a password solution, but I’ve been very happy with SafeInCloud for storing not just passwords, but license keys, CC numbers, etc. The browser plugin could be better, but it’s a one-time purchase and if you’re not using it for passwords, that won’t be an issue.

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I tried replacing 1Password with the Apple Keychain a few years ago and it did not go well. The fact that there is no password app and it is just some weird panel buried in settings makes it very hard to manage. I also missed the way you can categories things in 1Password, Logins, Credit Cards, Passport, Social Security numbers. I also make extensive use of tags. You might not think this is worth the price, but I missed it and now gladly pay the subscription.


Funny, I’m going in the opposite direction. I love how 1password works so easily (for me) and I’m delighted I don’t have to worry about anything because it just works, and it’s right there when I need it.

I am actively removing the passkeys I setup earlier this year, and using 1password.
I’m actively moving every site that uses Apple ID sign in too.


Remove them from iCloud Keychain, but add new ones in 1Password?

Actually, no, I’ve decided to not use them at all.

Apologies, I could have been clearer.

I look forward to a future post detailing the shortcomings of this latest move, and a triumphant return to 1Password! :rofl:


Have you tried Secrets app?

The Keychain is so difficult and klunky to use. I wish Apple would make an actual keychain & password app that was as easy to use as Notes.

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I’m a 1PW customer. And I removed the handful of passwords I still had in Keychain last year after seeing the Wall Street Journal story about iPhone passcodes.

I’m a WSJ subscriber but I missed that article. Do you recall the title?