Where to save Backblaze B2 application ID and key in 1Password?

Should be an easy question but not sure where to save my application ID and key in 1Password… I currently have it saved as a note but there has to be a better category to save it as.

I don’t have Backblaze B2 (just the regular Backblaze service, which does not require an application key), but when I need to store an application key or similar info, I used to use secure notes (as you have done). But a few versions ago, 1Password added a section called “Software Licenses” and that is where I now put such things.

You may need to edit the labels for the items you store there, but that is easy enough.

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I just save it as a login, since that has the obscured password field. I name the entry to let me know what it is. So I have something like Backblaze and Backblaze Enc Key

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Actually I have it saved as a note as well.

Since my use for B2 is as the backend store for Arq, I have a secure note for Arq related data where I store the passwords for each archive and the B2 info is there as well.

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Thanks all, I’ll try saving it under “Login” or “Software Licenses” otherwise a secure note.