Where to sell a Newton MessagePad?

A friend found a Newton MessagePad in his attic and is looking to sell it. Any ideas, beyond eBay, CraigsList and these guys?

I’d say you could find a buyer here if you made a post about it? If that’s allowed.

If not, why not throw together a quick iMovie of footage showing it in detail, using it a bit and uploading it to YouTube to attract general interest as you’ll inevitably get a ‘Pls can I buy this’ comment at some point! Then just list it on eBay, though I know you said except for these in your post.

Or, go to a car boot sale if you’ve got 'em in the US and you’ll likely get someone with an eagle eye for vintage Apple tech. I once went to a vintage store full of all sorts of ‘crap’ for the most part and spotted a classic Macintosh… sadly the woman at the stall knew it’s value and had it there for ‘effect’ lol

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I would think that our own @ismh would be game for something like this, he’s been known to collect a thing or two :slight_smile:


To be clear, it really is a friend’s messagepad. Not mine. I don’t know if he’s up for doing that much work to get rid of it.

And craigslist, eBay and that other thing are not options that I am rejecting. The only reason I said to exclude them is because I already know about them!

I was unable to find an appropriate spot on Reddit. Does anybody know of anything?

I thought of that, but did not want to tag him for fear of being spammy. But now that you’ve done it…!

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Not reddit, and this might be more work than your friend is up for, but the Newtontalk community is another venue (newtontalk.net).

From the FAQ:

Can I post personal items for sale or trade?


Personal messages advertising items wanted or for sale are permitted, providing you are selling Newton devices, accessories, software, or related services. Please refrain from advertising Macs, PCs, furniture, livestock, or other non-Newton items.

To provide a clear indication that a message has an advertising or transactional nature, please tag the subject line appropriately using the following prefixes:

  • [FS] — For Sale (Items for private sale on the list, not an auction)
  • [FA] — For Auction (Items being sold via an auction on eBay or similar site)
  • [FT] — For Trade (Items available for exchange, trade, or barter)
  • [WTB] — Want To Buy (Items wanted to purchase)
  • [FREE] — Free or postage paid (Items to giveaway to a good home)

When replying to transactional or other advertising messages, do not reply to the list. Reply directly to the author of the original message.

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r/VintageApple or r/appleswap may be have some bites. Probably the vintage group where as the Apple swap group seems more focused on newer products.

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