Where to sell an unopened Mac?

Hi! My wife won a 13" MBP in a work promotion, but we just bought her an M1 MBA so she doesn’t need it. Any advice on where to sell an unopened Mac? I’m afraid the usual players won’t offer much since they’re primarily geared toward selling used.


Perhaps donate it to a local charitable organization that needs a computer?

Your most popular local eCommerce website will be it.
Just tell your story in the listing’s description, declare that the laptop is ‘never used’ in the title and put the price around USD50 below the price of new one. someone might be interested.


Give it to me! :rofl:

Well, we bought the M1 knowing that this was coming so we need to re-coup our investment :slight_smile:

I’ve had good luck selling on Swappa and see unopened products listed there a lot.

Not sure on the specs of yours, but there’s a new unopened M1 13” MBP going for just a hair under MSRP now.

This one just sold for $100 under MSRP a few days ago.