Where to send HD to be recovered


I have an old hard drive that I’ve tried to recover to no avail. I was wondering where to send it off that probably has better equipment/skill/experience than me but isn’t going to bankrupt me.


I have no suggestions but have read that you’re looking at thousands of dollars for that service. I’m sure someone has already said it but prior backups are the only cost effective means to data recovery on a failed drive.


Did you try DiskWarrior?
I bought it a few years ago and used in only once but it recovered all relevant data from a “crashed” hard drive (and probably saved my relationship :grinning: ). It’s not cheap and you have no guarantee of success but it will still be way cheaper compared to sending your drive to a specialized service provider.


Another vote for DiskWarrior. It has been known to perform miracles (probably why it isn’t cheap).


If you can get the HD connected to a Windows box, SpinRite v6.0 (https://www.grc.com/sr/spinrite.htm) has been known to perform miracles.


Ditto. Diskwarrior is worth a shot.


If software doesn’t help, then DriveSavers, which has done this since the 90s. But be prepared to pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars. If necessary (and permitted by client) they can disassemble a drive in their Clean Room and pull data out. A lawyer friend had his home-office Windows box crash on him with necessary files, and then discovered that his goofball son had taken his backup external drive, wiped it, and used it to save torrented games and porn. He sent one of those drives to DriveSavers and around $800 later got his files back.



I bought disk warrior and only fixed one drive. Talked to a variety of places that do disk repair/data extraction and WOW! The files on there aren’t worth that.

Thanks for everyone’s input!


Sorry, didn’t see that this post was from July!