Which App for delivery tracking?

Which App do you recommend for delivery tracking?

Currently I use Deliveries:

But I recently discovered Parcel:

  • Both Apps are available on iOS and macOS
  • Deliveries is a single purchase; Parcel requires a yearly (very affordable) subscription
  • I think I prefer the cleaner look of Parcel (which supports Dark Mode)
  • Both Apps don’t support all major delivery services in my country (they both support one that the other does not…)

That last thing makes it hard to choose, while I ideally would use only one App.

Any other Apps I should try?

For me I have Deliveries and it’s 0 dollars per year and still gives me timely notifications so that’s where I’d personally stay.


Been using (though not consistently) Deliveries

I use Parcel. Have been a subscriber (very reasonably priced) for at least 3 years. It supports services that are not supported by Deliveries. The services supported list is huge.

It gets frequent updates. Also has dark mode and Apple Sign on support.

All of the above, Deliveries does not have.

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I’ve used the free version of Parcel for years. It’s fine.

However, Shopify has recently launched its own deliveries manager. It is free, it is quite sleek, it works with all the usual services, and it can automatically pick up deliveries in Gmail. It also automatically grabs shipments associated with your Shopify account.

This is now my go-to.

I think this really depends on where you live and which services your vendor’s use. I live in Australia and have found Parcel is a better fit for the services you’ll see in Australia.

For example, if a vendor ships with Australia Post then Deliveries will advise you can only track on the website whereas Parcel will have the details in the app.

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I have both Deliveries & the free version of Parcel.

There was a bunch of hype about Deliveries a couple of years back. I find it doesn’t give me notifications unless I open the app, which sort of defeats the purpose. I have not been impressed with the small list of services in Deliveries.

I tend to put things in Parcel and deliveries.

But also look at Aftership. I think it might be better than both Deliveries & Parcel, with more services and better/more timely notifications. I’m not sure about the pricing structure, though.

One other thought: Maybe the goal of the app isn’t to have notifications, but to have a list of incoming packages so you don’t forget any and know if any get lost, (a problem I’m finding I have more in “these turbulent times”). If that’s the case notifications don’t really matter, but supporting as many delivery services as possible does.

Yes, this exactly. As an Australian, I too have been much happier with Parcel and have been subscribing for many years.

I have tried both and end up using Parcel. I think if you are in US, Deliveries will be very useful to you and you don’t have to subscribe. But outside of US, Parcel is still the best and fortunately, the subscription is super low, so it’s a no brainer.

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For me the list (with delivery dates) is indeed way more useful than push notifications.

A question on this as I’ve never considered using a stand alone app before (I’ve only used the FedEx or UPS apps). Do these apps actually pull the delivery information from your email, or do you manually have to put each delivery into the app in order to track?

I use Deliveries, don’t know if it’s possible to completely automate the process, but it is painless to do it manually. I click and hold on the tracking number link in the email and choose the Share option. One of the choices is share to Deliveries.

Huge fan of Deliveries. I have noticed what I believe are DHL tracking numbers it can’t track in app. I rarely ever get a DHL shipment though that its not a deal breaker for me. Pretty sure they’re a fairly minor player in the US market though.

I’m still new to Parcel, but apparently it offers a unique email address for adding deliveries:


I won’t use that and add stuff manually, like I did/do with Deliveries.

Having the deliveries in an App with online sync & web access is already on the border of what I feel comfortable with… (sending receipts to them is definitely a bridge too far for me)