Which app should you buy? (E.g. Things 3 or OmniFocus, Ulysses or Bear, etc.)

While it’s certainly nice to ask on the forum here and get people’s unbiased (cough) opinion, another way is to watch the screencasts over at ScreenCastsONLINE.
The screencasts should give you a good idea of the “feel” of the software, perhaps even better than a free trial.
SCO has a free trial period too.


I agree with John’s assessment. Screencasts online is also a great place to find out more about software you are looking to purchase.


Me too… I also appreciate Screencasts’ Tips videos.

In six minutes I learned efficient ways to move the cursor using the stock iOS 11 keyboard.


Screencast online is an excellent knowledge database for apps.

Both Things 3 and OmniFocus (as well as Bear and Ulysses) have pros and cons. In my experience Things 3 and Bear are very good and easy to use. Omnifocus and Ulysses are more powerfull and have a steeper learning curve. It is worth it to have a look to the Screencast online videos to decide what is better for you.