Which browser(s) have multiple user profiles?

I often need to log in to web services using different accounts which trigger various cookies being saved in the web browser.

To get around this, I can open a second browser window as a private window, but the downside is when I close that window, all the cookies are lost so I can’t pick up from where I left off in the future.

The other workaround is to use different web browsers such as both Safari and Chrome. Each browser can be logged in to a different user personality.

Sometimes as simple as having Amazon site open with one browser logged into my personal account and the other browser logged into my business account (to keep personal purchases separate from business purchases).

Is there a web browser that allows multiple personalities and easy switching between them (ideally on both a per window and per browser tab basis) so I don’t have to juggle multiple browsers or private windows?

Something like switching between user profiles in most email apps or other apps where one needs to be logged in with different profile and settings?

Both iOS and MacOS needed, but I’m ok with a different app for each OS, just want to avoid using multiple different browser apps as the same time (different UI and commands creating too much UI/UX confusion)

I know Chrome can do this: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/2364824?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en

You can even set different themes per profile so they are visually different on the Mac.

+1 on Chrome. I use One for normal use and one specifically for screencasts where I have the zoom on to 150%, and some helpful extensions.

I’ve actually gone beyond this, and am using this plugin and Firefox containers to open e.g. Google Cloud Console for different companies based on which bookmark I choose.

It takes more setup, but in actual use it’s a lot smoother, since you can have OrgA and OrgB in tabs right next to each other.

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I’m a heavy user of the Firefox container plugin as well.

You can select any Chrome window to be in any profile. Here, i’m signed into my main Google account in the light-colored window, and the Google ID I use for my YouTube channel in the window with the red theme:

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Yes, each tab can be in different containers.

Your use case is exactly why GhostBrowser exists.

I’ve been an early beta user since 2016 and swear by it. Use it daily to juggle between 3-4 profiles. Tabs are color co-ordinated for each profile and share a common cookie pool. Never have the problem of having to switch profiles or be logged into an incorrect one. Need to use something in another profile, just right click and select duplicate in .

This is amazing. I hd no idea that Chrome could do this.

Key Takeaways

  • Multiple Chrome profiles including a guest profile. It looks like each profile even maintains its own extensions and I’m going to assume separate cookies?
  • Themes - as visual indicator to which profile you’re in.

Do you use a guest profile or incognito mode?

I’m assuming that Safari does not have multiple profile options