Which iPad Pro?

I currently have a 2nd generation iPad pro with the Apple Keyboard. . It is my constant companion. I am interested in an 11 inch. The question is do I get the 3rd generation with the smart keyboard or the 4th generation with the Magic Keyboard? I’m a bit concerned about the weight of the Magic Keyboard. .
Can anyone who has moved from 2nd generation to either 3rd or 4th gen describe their experience?

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I moved from the 10.5 inch pro to the 2018 11 inch with the smart folio soon after it was released (and have since added a 2020 12.9 inch with the magic keyboard). I would point out that both the smart keyboard folio and magic keyboard are compatible with both the 2018 and 2020 iterations of the iPad pro so you can purchase either generation slab of metal and use any accessory with it.

I think the right choice of keyboard accessory depends on how you plan to use your iPad. For almost all activities - even more complex tasks like coding and server administration - I have pretty much switched to the iPad full time. I have found that I enjoy the flexibility of the device so much that it offsets the occasional annoyance of needing to go to my laptop to accomplish a specific thing. If you can see yourself in this boat, then I think the Magic keyboard is the right choice. Since I got the magic keyboard for my 12.9 inch, I have barely used my 11 inch simply because the experience is so superior with the magic keyboard as opposed to the smart folio, and I plan to buy a magic keyboard for my 11 inch as well because it is so much better.

If, on the other hand, you plan to use your iPad as a more supplementary device, I think the folio is the right choice. The folio is definitely lighter - a plus if you also plan to carry around a laptop, and it can be folded back on itself, opened easily while walking around with the iPad, and does not need to be removed if you want to treat your iPad like a tablet.

I can’t speak to the weight difference between the folio and and magic keyboard on the 11 inch since I don’t have both accessories for the 11inch, but the magic keyboard is definitely significantly heavier than the folio. My 12.9 with magic keyboard weighs about as much as my MacBook Pro and is actually a bit thicker. This is fine for me because I use my iPad instead of my MBP, but if I intended to carry and use both, I think the Folio would be better.

I moved from the 10.5 inch with Smart Keyboard Cover to the 2018 11 inch with the Smart Keyboard Folio and am now using that same 11 with the Magic Keyboard. The weight difference between the latter two is very noticeable and if weight is your primary consideration then the Magic Keyboard is not for you. Likewise, if keeping the keyboard attached while working in “tablet mode” is important then again the Folio is a much better choice.

For me, working with the keyboard on nearly 100% of the time, and frequently using it on a pillow in my lap while I’m on the couch, the Magic Keyboard is wonderful. I do a lot of text editing, to the trackpad has been a transformative addition.

For what it’s worth, the Smart Keyboard Folio and the Magic Keyboard both work with the 2018 and 2020 iPad Pros, so you don’t have to make the choice based on which of those iPads you decide on.

I may end up doing that. I also may end up waiting until Apple Stores open again so I can try one in person.
I do a LOT of work on my current iPad and also watch a lot of streaming video.

Here to rep the iPad + “desktop” Magic Keyboard setup…
(as in, the standalone keypad-less bluetooth keyboard that isn’t attached to anything)

I think it’s hard to give advice without knowing how you’re using the iPad+keyboard. Most of the work I do on my iPad doesn’t require much typing, so I like not having a keyboard attached to it, but I always have the keyboard in my bag if I need it.

Also, I like to sit in bed with the iPad and if I’m Messaging with someone I prefer having the iPad sitting next to me with the bluetooth keyboard in my lap – it’s much more comfortable than the awkwardness of the folding keyboard situation.

Sometimes I like to have a keyboard with the iPad in portrait mode, and I like having a third-party case (which also holds my Apple Pencil) on my iPad that gives me more angles to stand it up than what the Apple cases/folios offer.

Just an idea!

I love my current keyboard (the Apple variety that came with IPad Pro 2.) I almost never use my iPad without it except when I want to use TextExpander on a non-compliant application) I’m typing on it now while watching TV. I grade papers, notate Pdfs, use it as a stand when I’m watching streaming video.

I use the 12.9" iPad Pro and moved to a bluetooth magic keyboard in a Canopy holder for work. when I go to work, I just set up and go. If I need to show someone something, I grab the iPad off the canopy holder and take the pad to the person. I have a folio cover and I use that to watch content in bed. the 12.9" iPad is a bit of a beast so just sitting there holding it is too much for me.
It is beautiful though. I am starting to experiment with the bluetooth trackpad because the swiping motions are very cool.
I was using the keyboard folio and liked it a lot. I just like a real keyboard for work.
The iPad Pro 12.9" machine is, IMHO, the best and most powerful device I have experienced. Limitations aside, and they are fewer and fewer, the flexibility to do it any way you feel good about is what makes it a winner.