Which iPhone App to track water intake?

I use Caffeine++ to track my caffeine intake. Recently the App added tracking water intake into HealthKit (for the coffee and tea that I add). I could add custom drinks for plain water and milk, but might want to try a more specialized App for that.

Who’s using an App for tracking water intake? Which one? Tips?

Here are some aspects that are important to me:

  • HealthKit integration
  • Proper iPhone X (screen) support
  • No ads (optionally after In-App purchase)
  • No subscription (for this kind of App / while I’m still figuring out whether it adds value)
  • Custom drinks (with unique icons per drink)
  • Custom sizes (in Metric system)


  • Apple Watch support

Not important:

  • Reminders (I only want to track for now)

There are a lot of Apps for this in the App Store, but I still have not found what I’m looking for…

I now use a workflow to track my water intake.


I have been using WaterMinder, I’m sure I got it free or very cheaply, though it seems to be a one time purchase now. It does tick all of the boxes though!


WaterMinder’s Apple Watch app works pretty well, too.


Ah, I see that I can restore the full functionality, so I apparently had Waterminder free/cheap before as well…

It misses 1 tick as it does not seem to support the iPhone X screen? (I see black bars on top/bottom)

Having a look a it I might want to add some new boxes…

  • No animation of water (filling a body, a glass, or an iPhone screen)
  • No gaming/awards

But I could definitely start with Waterminder to see whether tracking water intake adds value (or at least satisfies my curiosity).

I dont have black bars at the top/bottom of the screen on my iPhone X. Have you got the latest version (shiwn at the very bittom if the Settings screen) - the App Store update log states the app was updated 9 months ago to version 3.4 for iPhone X support and the latest version is 3.6.

You can also turn off the achievements gamification in the settings, but you can’t get rid of your last point of “filling a bidy”.

Hope this helps.

My version was 3.5… Which confused me even more!

And then I remembered that I entered “WaterMinder” manually in the search field of the App Store. I now see that there are (of course?) several Apps with the same name. Using the URL provided by @RosemaryOrchard I end up with a different App (which I apparently also tried before) which does indeed support the iPhone X screen.

Both Apps have there pros and cons, but both should suffice for initial testing.

I do wish there was a more clean App like Caffeine++…

If you want clean you could just use Workflow, free, and infinitely customisable. You can even run it from the today widget :slight_smile:
Of course, you can only log water with it :wink:

I changed that setting in the same way before reading your post… I also plan to use Caffeine++ and Waterminder in parallel.

Have to admit that after having configured Waterminder as much as possible to my taste it’s starting to grow on me.

I have a Workflow setup to log my water intake. It presents a list of preset quantities (Water bottle - 700ml, Pint - 568ml, 500ml bottles, etc) along with a other option which allows me to enter the amount drunk. It then creates a heath log entry for that amount of water. It then sums up the amount of water I’ve drunk that day and displays it so I know how much I’ve drunk.

I use this mainly on the Workflow AppleWatch app to quickly capture what I’m drinking, and I use the health app to keep an eye on my average intakes, which is usually around 3-3.5 Liters a day.

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Is there a way to use Workflow but log caffeine rather than water? I currently use workflow to log water and love that it is customizable and free, but want a solution for logging caffeine to the health app. So the selection would be something like:

  • Coffee
  • Monster
  • Red Bull
  • Kickstarter

Then would ask for the size based on the previous selection:

  • 8 ounces
  • 12 ounces
  • 16 ounces
  • etc.

Having used WaterMinder for a (one) whole day I’d have to admit I really like the many ways I can easily add a drink with this App (within the App, 3D Touch, Widget, Apple Watch). I also like the list part in the history tab.

Thank you for the recommendation, @RosemaryOrchard. I think my search is over (I even put the App on my home screen), unless someone can recommend an App similar to this one (or Caffeine++) that combines water & caffeine intake in one App…

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Yes. There is a Log Health Sample action in Workflow which allows you to select a type, one of which is caffeine. You’ll need to workout how much caffeine is in each of those drinks and size, this site might help.

I have another Workflow I use to create a Health app entry with my weight as i don’t have a set of fancy connected scales. It simply prompts me to enter my weight and passes that the Log Health Sample action to create the entry.

I have also just ventured into the strange world of apps that tell you when to drink water. At first, I thought it was a joke. But I’ve been using WaterMinder for a few days and I like it. I have certainly drunk more water and I guess that’s a good thing😊