Which is your primary browser on the Mac?

Safari because it works, is fast, and easily syncs across all my devices. Basically I need a good reason to not use a stock app if I can.

Safari – works perfectly on almost every site I frequent, fast and light on resources, best integrated with the OS. In fact, for years I used Safari for Windows as well!

I keep Chrome and Firefox around for stubborn sites.

Safari, for integration. I do have to use Chrome every now and again. Largely, I find both OK.

It depends on what I am doing. For all personal use, I use safari, but for work I use chrome.

Safari, mostly because everything syncs between my laptop, iPad and iPhone - and I value its position on personal privacy. On Windows I’ve ended up using Chrome because it’s fast and seems to be the default.

I use Safari with Duck Duck Go and Ad Block for pretty much everything with Firefox as my backup.

I don’t have Chrome on my machines because a couple years ago I started getting paranoid about how much information was being harvested. I try and interact with Google products as little as possible


Mainly use Safari because Chrome tends to chew through battery life and system resources especially with multiple open tabs. I’ll switcj to Chrome (often) when i’m using google apps or find a page acting weird in Safari

Surprised to see so few Firefox users. I use it over Safari mostly because I use both Mac and PC, so I want something that works well on both platforms. (Chrome would work on both too, of course, but I just like Firefox better.)

Boom! Drops the mic…

I prefer Safari, honestly, but because we use GSuite for work, I find myself in Chrome from time to time.

Safari, but I have Chrome for “just in case”

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Safari has become my default again after trying both Chrome and Firefox. I thought it was going to be Chrome but managing multiple Google identities became a hassle. The handoff feature set in Safari is becoming a ‘must have’ and for some reason, I find integration with DevonThink better in Safari. I don’t use a great number of extensions so understand that Chrome may well be better when considering this.
For now - happy dwelling in the ‘applesphere’

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Safari though I think I’ll install that Keyboard Maestro think that allows me to select a url from safari and open it in Chrome.

Used Safari since 2006, with occasional jumps into Firefox. Within the last 2 weeks, I got frustrated with the extensions and other factors in Safari and went to Chrome. I’m pretty happy with what I’m seeing so far. I’ll use it for a while, but I think I’ll stick with it unless Safari does so serious integration.

I use Safari nearly all the time, but I use Chrome for very specific sites (like, for example, the DSM desktop for my Synology) and on rare occasions to check what a site looks like, though I only do that once or twice after everything is done and it passes validation, so it’s been a fe years since I was surprised by anything.

Safari is fast, uses very little battery, and everything integrates across my phone, iPad, MBP, and iMac. I miss having Safari for Windows.

I am the same way, but use Firefox instead on all of my Macs. It ust works and I love their extensions for privacy.

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I used Vivaldi full time for several months and it was a good experience. I eventually switched to Firefox when Quantum was released because, for some reason, Firefox has always felt more natural to me than any other browser.


Safari - privacy is my main driver in not using Chrome.

Integration with iOS

Firefox user here, on macOS, iOS and Windows. Handy bookmark syncing across all platforms and the new containers feature on the desktop allows me to remain logged into two different Office 365 portals (work and personal) at the same time. There’s also a Facebook specific container.

Occasionally I’ll come across a website that doesn’t work properly due to Firefox’s tracking protection in which case I’ll use Safari.