Which Mac to buy now?

I own Final Cut, but I’ve not yet tried to use it (aside from firing it up to make sure it starts!). Unfortunately I won’t be able to try anything there for a while, I need to film some 4k footage somehow!

Thanks for the reply. The only thing holding me back from choosing the MB Air is whether it will be able to handle my workflows when they occasionally involve editing 4K video. Would not consider editing full time on the Air, but when on the road I may need to edit.

Hope the weather in Vienna is conducive to enjoying the outdoors!

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Thank you for all the replies, guys!

I still can’t decide between these the Air or the Pro. I know the Air covers my needs, but I’d like to buy a computed I can use for a longe time (it’s really expensive here in Brazil). Having this in mind, is it worthy to invest on a MacBook Pro?

It is all about what you need.

I looked for a used 2014-2015 MacBook Pro 15". The newer models do not allow you to upgrade things like RAM and your SDD (or so I am told). But more importantly, the older ones are more than powerful enough and have loads of PORTS.

So for $1500 I just got a 1TB MacBook Pro that appears like new. This is not about the money - I just want freedom of choice in things like RAM, SDD, PORTS.

Followed your recommendation from a few weeks ago and bought my wife a new MacBook Air for her birthday. She is a psychology professor and loves it.


Thanks for all the tips, guys. I decided for the MacBook Air - it gets delivered this Thursday!