Which Mac to buy now?

Hello guys,

Currently I’m running a MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2014) with 4GB RAM.

I’m thinking about buying a new Mac. I’m kind of sick of the 1440 x 900 resolution…

Ant ideas about which Mac is a good upgrade for me? Or would you keep rocking with this Mac a little more?

What do you do with your Mac?

My usage is really simple: web browsing and writing essays. I also bring it to the university where I teach.

I’d highly recommend the new MacBook Air, I’m very happy with mine - the screen is great, the charger is small and light, and it has 2 USB C/Thunderbolt 3 ports which is a significant improvement over the one USB C (no thunderbolt) port MacBook.

Plus they’re on the refurb store which is even cheaper than student discount :slight_smile:


It sounds like the new MacBook Air would fit your needs. You might even be satisfied with the MacBook, but that is a machine that involves more compromises than the Air.

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I would say new MacBook Air from the refurbished store. Also factory what dongles you will need to do the things that you currently do. Exciting times!

How I wish we had refurbished here in Brazil. The prices are absurd right now (1 dolar = 4 Brazilian Reais).

Agreed but if it’s going to uni to aid teaching. Might need it to be connected to a projector or something.

If you’ll be presenting with it that would probably tip the scales in favor of the two-port MacBook Air.

I’d like to have the possibility to present with it, yes.

Just to be clear, you certainly could use a MacBook for presenting, it would just be a bit less convenient than a 2-port machine like the Air (you’d want a dongle with USB-C power pass through, for instance).

I would go for the Air, with this model being the minimum. The $999 is long in the tooth, and has an older processor. For $200 more you can get the current model.

The MacBook is more money, and has a lesser processor (Intel m3). You can spend more than the Air costs to get a better processor, but it is still slightly slower than the Air.

I really don’t understand why there is a MacBook.

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At this point, I imagine it’s there in part as a status symbol (thinnest & lightest “real” laptop you can find anywhere) combined with the fact that this iteration of Apple has no problem selling something as long as people keep buying it, no matter how far out of date and overpriced (based on age) it is.

Give the use case: web browsing and writing essays, perhaps an iPad would be a better buy?

I don’t get so comfortable writing long texts on iPad. I’m a kind of “old style” guy. =)

I understand, but it might still be worth looking into an iPad.

The MacBook Air starts at $1200.

For that same $1200 you could get a well-equipped iPad Pro and keyboard folio or, for less, a well-equipped iPad Air with smart keyboard. With either option you get quite a lot more for your money: longer battery life, lighter weight, option for cellular, way more durable (no crumb-sensitive keyboard!), and just as many writing apps but at cheaper prices.

If it’s not for you, it’s not for you. But it’s worth seriously considering.

But still one that fails after 10 months, as mine did.

Ouch. That’s no fun. FWIW, I had a 1st generation one that lasted for 2 years with very heavy use and was replaced by Apple for free when it started acting up (which appeared to be more due to the old smart connectors getting gummed up—the new location seems to make that a non-issue). I’ve had no issues at all with the newest generation, though it has, admittedly, not been a full year yet.

All that said, you can get a separate bluetooth keyboard too if that’s your preference.

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I really like reading your posts. I place a lot of trust on your recommendations.
Have you made attempts to edit 4K video on your MB Air using pro-level software, not the standard-issue iMovie app? Granted it may not be up to par comparing it to an iMac Pro, but in a pinch would it be doable?
Warmest regards,

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Avoid the 12" MacBook, I’m chatting with Apple support now as my keyboard is broken (tab key). Love my 5K iMac though.