Which MBP should I buy for video editing?

I do most of my video editing on an iMac and have an ancient 2012 15" MBP that needs to be replaced. This MBP will be used occasionally for editing (FCPX) but I’ve been out of the loop on the last couple years of Apple releases.

I’m wondering about buying the best deal (new or refurb) for $1,800-2,000 or so. M1 vs Intel (which one) — all that confuses me. Thanks!

How long are you able to wait before buying a new MacBook Pro?

I have time! No big rush. I will be back on the road in a few months but it’s not urgent.

Okay, you might want to wait for the 16" MacBook Pro with an M1X processor. That thing will be an absolute beast for video editing.


Thank you! Looks pretty great!

You definitely want M1 in my experience, it is so smooth with FCPX. But, wait for the next wave as mentioned if it’s more than a hobby.

Edit: then you might decide the first wave is fine anyway