Which of These Multi-chargers would you recommend?

I’m trying to decide between these two 3-in-1 charging pads. Which would you choose and why? OR, do you have another recommendation?

I prefer a charger that keeps the displays visible to me in bed. I charge my phone and watch overnight and it’s nice to see the display if I get a call or just want to see the time. I can just bump my nightstand and the watch lights up with the time.

So my vote is for the 2nd one.

My wife has a Anker brand 2in1 station that she really likes. However it is too bulky for traveling so I found an inexpensive 3in1 that folds flat on Amazon. This is it and she loves it after traveling this past week.

Personally I like the look of your second choice, but having to run 3 MagSafe and Adapters is my dealbreaker.

That is an excellent point; I had not considered that. That’s a dealbreaker for me as well. I like the concept of the Amazon charging station, but it looks like it is cheaply built. Is the build of high quality? I’d also prefer USB-C for charging at this point. That said, I’ll take a closer look at it.

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I keep looking at these type of 3 in 1 chargers, but I’d prefer wired phone and airpods charging, obviously with the watch you have no choice. I’d want the phone to be laid down and the watch on it’s side.

A single charger for the whole thing is also important, as is it being pretty compact as my bedside drawer is very small.

I’m not willing to spend £100 though, so things like the Belkin or Material Dock are out of the question. If anyone has any recommendations I’d be interested.

This one has been great:
MagSafe Duo Charger

I understand you are asking for 3-in-1 but this one is Apple product. And you can charge your AirPods when not charging the phone.

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I like and use this one. Looks nice and is solidly built.

To be completely honest… it is very light in weight yet feels solid. But for travel purposes, lighter is better. The power cable is USB-A to USB-C and the charging plug looks like the Apple style USB-C adapter (but is USB-A). Cable seems decent enough but the 18w power adapter feels lighter than it should. I will try it out with a real USB-C to USB-C cable and power adapter soon, then report the results.

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I want the one that has its own power delivery and doesn’t make me connect 3 charging cables.

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