Which smart button for this simple task?

My closet is pretty dark and I can never see my clothes very well - it’s also small as we live in a 100+ year old house. My current solution (after trying every stick-on battery light that was not bright enough), is one of those silver, cheap clamp-on lights.

Honestly, it’s perfect, except everytime I have to push the switch on or off I kind of dislodge it’s clamp a bit.

What’s my best bet here? I don’t need any automation. Homekit support would be nice. I want a smart lightbulb or smart plug that I can have a “button” for on the wall in my closet that I can tap/push/click and make the light turn on and off.

I have some Hue lights so already have a bridge for that. I know there’s a Hue button, but the reviews weren’t so great.

The hue button should work, I have several and never had issues.

IKEA also sells the TRÅDFRI buttons you can stick anywhere you need them.
(as @RosemaryOrchard mentions here on the automators podcast)

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I got the Lutron Aurora Smart dimmer switch per the recommendation of Dan Moren at Six Colors. A little pricy but works great and has home kit capability. If you already are into the Hue lightbulb world this is a great accessory.

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this push-button lights are fine:

or use a motion sensing lamp

Thanks! I hadn’t even thought of that and I have one attached to a light switch for 2 Hue bulbs in our living room. It’s seemingly so well integrated I forgot that it isn’t actually part of the light switch!

Thanks for the link–this episode is super helpful!