Who all joined the $49/year Final Cut Club this week?

My whining that there are no iPad “Pro” apps apparently outweighs my whining about subscriptions… I jumped in as soon as my 1 month trial ended. I will probably do the same for Logic Pro as it is even a better value as I can use it on my iPad Mini. I enjoyed FC on the iPad this month and even though I do most of my editing in Premiere on a Mac, I will tool around with FC more than Davinci Resolve on the iPad.


I’m glad Final Cut Pro is on the iPad but the problem really is that Apple’s commitment to the video production space is tepid. All the momentum right now is with Blackmagic Design. Should I pay Apple $50-100 a year for FCP and Logic Pro on iPad or should I just invest in BD which offers an entire ecosystem of equipment.

What i’ll end up doing is likely Logic Pro on iPad and Davinci on Mac/iPad.

Heard the best rumor this week about Blackmagic joining the L Mount Alliance potentially and looking to do a 35 full frame. This would be ideal because i’m thinking about the grabbing a used Sigma Fp and if BD moves to L Mount I’ll be able to justify the expense of a cine lens as I could use it across the Sigma, Lumix, DJI or Leica bodies if I chose to go that route.

Back to your original point. $50 is nothing, I just paid that for MacSparky’s Devonthink course. It’s more about platforming. Do I want piecemeal centered on FCP or buy into platform like Davinci?

but… but… that’s half of a Brandon Sanderson leatherbound edition of his books.

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FCP is too expensive. $49/year is one thing, but $1000+ for a new iPad Pro is a deal breaker :grinning:

I can see where FCP for iPad could be very useful for someone that has been using the desktop version, but I mainly create “short stories” of trips and events for my own use and have never needed FCP.

I’ve been using LumaFusion on my 2020 iPP and am very happy with it, especially now that I can edit on an external drive. Thanks to Apple Silicon I don’t think I’ll need a new iPad any time soon.

Yeah, I really like LumaFusion too. I don’t do much video editing so I’ll likely continue with LF for these things. It’s excellent. When/if Apple brings the ability to edit off of files stored on an external drive I’d consider switching to FCP.

I’m really happy Apple brought FCP to the iPad mainly because it’s a tick off on a box people used to complain about the iPad. Sure, they’ll still complain Xcode isn’t available and they’ll complain that FCP on the iPad isn’t identical to the Mac version. But it’s an excellent start and with a few updates it’ll be closer.

FCP for iPad signifies that Apple is committed to the iPad as a device that will continue with iPadOS. Add to that the changes to Stage Manager in iPadOS 17 and the wishful thinking of macOS on the iPad fades further. In a year we’ll have Vision Pro and “Can’t do real work on the Vision Pro” will be a thing not long after that. :wink:


Yes, if for no other reason Apple needed to bring FCP and Logic to the iPad to reinforce its place as a “real computer”. And some people will continue to complain about the iPad.

I had users that didn’t want to move from DOS to Windows or Lotus to Excel. I even had a couple that complained (a little) when I replaced their PC with an iMac. Some people don’t like change, but most come around after a while.

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And some of us will continue to ignore the iPad (in favor of our Macs and iPhones).


As you should, if it doesn’t work for you.

If (when) Apple figures how to put the functionality of my Macs into a tablet footprint, then we’ll really have something. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have a feeling that the way we use computers will change before than happens. :grinning:

luckily I had one sitting in my junk drawer as I had no need to tote an 11 inch device that runs phone apps.

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That depends on one’s income level. Here in the UK at the moment we have a cost of living crisis wherein many people do not have enough to buy basic necessities like food and they with many more will be unable to cover their monthly mortgage payments. For them $50 (~£50 because the poind has tanked) is not nothing.