Who do y'all use for a domain registrar?

If a site is doing something fraudulent or illegal, my expectation is that the hosting provider and/or registrar would do something about that. They should have a process to deal with this kind of thing and even if they were to not decide in our favour, I would expect them at least to respond. In this case, before getting lawyers involved, I contacted the organization that manages the top level domain and they disabled the domain in question pending an investigation.

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Moved all mine to CloudFlare

+1 for iwantmyname that’s what I use.

The thing is, Hover started a ways back and entered the market with ads explicitly focused on phone response time. Back in the day on the old 5by5 shows, it was a huge deal. “We answer the phone right away, no hold music, you get to talk to a human immediately”. And they did.

Then they went downhill. A lot.

Their sister company, Ting, is an MVNO for cell phone service, and was the same way. Great at first, then just completely went downhill.

I don’t call them about things I can handle on their website. But the other day I had a domain that had to be transferred within a week. This wasn’t Hover’s fault, but it was a business reality. It was unlocked, everything was set to go, and Hover’s website kept throwing errors.

In the 2 hours it took me to hear from Hover, I wound up grabbing it via NameCheap. I don’t think I’m going to keep the domain at NameCheap, but it solved the problem at the time.

Most of my domains are at 123reg on the rare occasions I have had to call the problem was fixed straightaway

Also have a few odd ones at GoDaddy and Namecheap but never needed to contact them

I’m about halfway through moving everything from Namecheap to Cloudflare.

I also use CloudFlare. Their features, support, and web interface are all excellent.

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I just figured if for some reason, I get locked out or have an issue with the registrar, at least the impact is limited to one domain. And worse, I would need to transfer that one domain to the new registrar assuming the old registrar allows me to do so….

I am probably just being over cautious


If they don’t still advertise like that, I think there’s no comeback. I still think actually getting a response in hours is way, way above the average if you’re not paying for business-level support. Heck, even if you are paying for business level support, unless there is an actual SLA in place.

At least they were on a hill. Others start at ground level or below and have nothing but a shovel.

A year or so ago their “on hold” music included them repeatedly apologizing for not getting to a phone call in a timely manner. Then they just gave up entirely. :slight_smile:

Noting though that they still claim to have excellent phone support:

Automated systems are annoying and frankly, we think more highly of you than to submit you to call center purgatory. With Hover customer service, you’ll hear a real live voice on the other end of the phone when you call, not “Press 1 for Account Changes” or anything like that. To hear what customer service is supposed to sound like, give us a call at 1-866-731-6556 Monday to Friday, anytime between 8am to 8pm (ET).

I mean…it’s not “press 1 for account changes” I guess - it’s “sorry we can’t get to your call right now - press 1 for a callback”.

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