Who do y'all use for a domain registrar?

I’m currently using Hover for 60+ domains and a few email accounts, and their support just keeps going downhill. Their big deal used to be that a real person would answer the phone. Today, I called and waited on hold because we had a weird problem with a domain transfer. At 25 minutes, I got a message that if I pressed a button I could ask for a callback - and then it hung up on me.

Called back. Got that message after 2 minutes. Pressed the button for the “keep your place in line and get a callback when we’re available” option.

An hour and a half later I got a callback.

I mean…maybe they’re as good as anybody else, but I’ve suggested that a couple of customers use them for email - and an hour and a half to get somebody on the phone just feels excessive.

Who do y’all use for domains?

I have been with iwantmyname for years with no problems. It used to be a New Zealand company but I just read they were acquired by CentralNic in 2019. The acquisition hasn’t changed anything yet, as far as I’ve seen. Great registrar.

I am with 1&1-Ionos since the late 80s, with most of my domains, and I have no big trouble with them at all.

With that amount of Domains, you will get normally a “personally assigned Customer Specialist”, you can talk to during Business Hours, or you get a call back from him/her.

Namecheap is great. GSuite or Fastmail for email.

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I dealt with GoDaddy and Network Solutions before moving to Hover. I’ll never use those two again.

They are terrible, they are constantly trying to upsell you, which is frustrating.


Yeah. One of my fun games to play is “let me see if I can save you enough to pay me for consulting by going through your GoDaddy account and showing you services you’re paying for but not using”.

I had one customer that went from something like $1000 a year to about $250. GD bundles in all these “free for the first year” things, then they bill you for renewal whether or not you ever activated or used them.

Yeah, I went to Hover after those two as well. And if it wasn’t for the fact that a callback took an hour and a half, and every time I’ve called them in the last 2-3 years I’ve been on hold for at least 30 minutes while they tell me how committed they are to answering the phone promptly, I’d be looking at staying there.

Once you actually get ahold of somebody, their customer service is great. :slight_smile:


I guess some things have changed. I’ve never needed to talk to them since I used their concierge service to rid myself of NetSol.

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DNSimple - not cheap, rock solid. Good customer service and during the pandemic when I was hit with a surprise bill, they gave me free service for a year. I don’t make phone calls, I just send emails and they get answered quickly. (Much like this forum).

GoDaddy since 2005. I don’t remember what I used before that. Believe it or not I’ve never had any problems or any reason to call them about domains. I just refuse all their upsells.


I started with Yahoo! for two years in 2004 then to Godaddy. I moved to Hover after a year of Godaddy since they always trying to sell me something. I didn’t even finish my first year and just moved out to Hover. I have about 4 domains registered in Hover and recommends them to clients.

In 2020, I tried contacting Hover support and there was no chat and the email took about 3 days. I found it weird since they’ve been always responsive but thought that everyone is slow because of the pandemic. I didn’t have the need to contact Hover support since then.

I’ve recently had a run in with them. They were the registrar for a domain that was obviously fraudulently attempting to confuse people into thinking they were my employer’s site. We attempted to contact them twice and received absolutely no response. Based on their unwillingness to deal with legitimate disputes, I’m very, very unimpressed with them.

Curious, in these kind of of issues, is this something that falls under the domain registrar responsibilities??? Or does one reach out to ICANN

I genuinely interested.

I am currently using: Cloudflare, NameCheap and PorkBun. Not a good idea to have all my domains with one registrar

You would normally send a Notice and Take Down (NTD) notification to the hosting company or the registrar and they would normally respond by closing off access to the domain.

It’s part of the procedure set out in the Notice and Take Down Code, a voluntary code of conduct describing how businesses in the internet industry should respond when they are told about apparently criminal or unlawful website content.

Since it’s voluntary it’s not always immediately acted upon, but in my experience most registrars and hosting companies do take action. (Usually it’s a heads-up to them that a site is breaking their T&C’s anyway, so it;s in their interest to respond to a certain degree.)


I now use Google Domains, no issues there.

Previously my registrar was Dreamhost and I have to say their tweaking capabilities were great, but don’t know if you can get their DNS/registrar services without hosting services.

Wait… a company that will actually call you back for a $10 domain problem? (OK, I know you have 60 domains and all, and not all are that cheap, but…)

Compare to IBM where you have to have a $$$ support contract and get fobbed off with “working as designed” for some stuff, or Microsoft who “Hi I’m here to help…” you to an early grave while providing nothing you can’t find with a quick search, to Google who… hmmm… does anyone even get a reply from Google?

Yeah, I’m a Hover user. Have been for years. Have had good support from them when I needed it. Have never called them because… well, I’m in one of the other (200+) countries. Email support has generally been fantastic.

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Moved from GoDaddy to Cloudflare except for one which is stuck with 1&1, whom I wouldn’t recommend.

Google Domains and Porkbun. Have also used Cloudflare and Namecheap.

IMO buying a domain is like buying a new car. One dealer may give me a better price, or free floor mats, or have a better service department. But once I buy it the car is mine.

I’m curious, what advantage is there to using multiple registrars?

Hover for personal domains, AWS Route53 for work.