Who else wants FreeForm as a stand alone app?

Who else saw the FreeForm demonstration and said “that needs to be a stand alone app!!”

I know I did. I really hope they don’t limit it to collaboration only.

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I’m not sure how an app could be collaboration only. Surely if you just use it yourself and don’t invite others, that’s what you want?

Exit: I even use Messages by myself sometimes…

From what I understand is it was a FaceTime feature.

From TechCrunch:

“Freeform is essentially a note-taking app with collaboration features and native FaceTime integration.”

Yes, and Apple’s site shows it off a little. It even has its own menubar, so it is certainly a standalone app.

It’s Apple, so I’d expect it to be better at stand-alone than collaboration. Fingers crossed on that second part.

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