Who here has left Adobe Premiere Pro for Final Cut Pro within the past couple of years?

Do you find yourself missing Adobe or no?

How do you feel about switching?

Haven’t used Premiere for a while, but the last time I did it was on older hardware and it usually struggled with 4k playback. Final Cut on the same machine was considerably smoother and faster.

Performance aside, I always liked the UI of Final Cut better and found it a bit more intuitive (grew up using iMovie). My video editing needs are relatively simple, never noticed any feature disparity between FCP and Premiere. And of course the price of FCP is a lot more affordable compared to Adobe’s subscriptions.

I stopped using Premier around 20 years ago. I hated the interface and workflow. When I started with Premier, I needed to take a course to understand it. I worked out how to use FCP in a day just playing around. The interface is much more intuitive and I enjoy using it, Premier was the exact opposite.

I’m sure it’s been improved over the last two decades, but I’ve never once thought of going back.

I looked to switch from Premiere Pro to FCP earlier this year and used the 3 month FCP trial. Suffice to say I’m still using Premiere. It seems in use and the forums that FCP has deteriorated as all Apple software has.

For my own use FCP had nowhere near the functionality of Premiere Pro.