Who here is moving from Pro Max to a Pro and vice versa and why?

I have the 12 Pro and interested in thoughts of people who bought the Pro Max and thinking of getting the regular Pro. Also keen to hear from people who have the Pro and will be upgrading to the Pro Max

My main issue with the max phones have always been that apple does not provide any benefits such as split screen extra for a bigger screen phone. And in recent years, the pro max phones are getting heavier. This year is no exception.

However, each year, I am tempted to get the max phone.

I’ve used the larger phone since they came out. The battery life is great and you get used to the size pretty quickly.

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I’ve always gotten the Pro Max because it had the best camera, plain and simple.

This year, if I was going to upgrade (and I don’t think I am because the 12 Pro Max is fine for my needs and I’m still paying it off :slight_smile: ) I might consider the regular Pro because the cameras are the same.

However, I love the fact that I pretty much never have to worry about battery life with the Pro Max, and I doubt that I’d want to give that up.


I had access to all three iPhone 12 models and the only one that gets real use is the Pro Max. So will stick with that size in case I upgrade…

The mini is a fun device, but battery life is just not good enough. Other than that surprisingly good. The Pro is good, but once you’ve used the Max you appreciate the bigger screen

Never had a max size phone and probably never will. I’m going tobepusing what i want tocarry with a new 13 Pro model

Upgrading from my XR this year, and having a devil of a time deciding which device appeals to me most. I’m not much of a photographer, but this year’s pro features are VERY compelling.

Not exactly the question, but I am moving from a 12 Pro to a 13 Mini.

I want a small phone that I can manage with one hand, that’s all. I will miss Lidar, but otherwise it will be a better choice for me.

My wife will take my old 12 Pro, moving from an 8 Max.


I had the Plus phones from the iPhone 6 to the 8 and had to downsize when I got the iPhone X and have run with it since and am still using the 11 Pro. I still miss the larger screen at home but the more pocket friendly nature of the phone anywhere out of the house is preferred for me.

I ordered an iPad mini instead of upgrading my phone this year. I’ll keep the pocket friendly mobile for the road and have the couch friendly mini at home.

I had the iPhone 7 Plus and the primary reason I upgraded to the XS was because I was tired of hauling that enormous phone around.

The XS screen size seems good to me. So when I upgrade (which I do not expect will be this year), I’ll go for the Pro, not the Mini or Pro Max.

I’m moving from an iPhone X to my first Pro Max size phone. I’ve tried my wife’s 12 Pro Max and I like the screen size.

I couldn’t make up my mind so I got both. With that said, I am 80% confident the pro max is going back to Apple.

The exact same thing happened last year and the size was cumbersome even after one month of use. I got it around the Apple holidays extended returns period so I did try it out. More than the size, the weight was the issue and this year it’s even heavier.

Prior to the x series of iPhone. I used exclusively the plus size phones and these days the size may be similar but there is noticeable difference in weight between the old plus phones and the current line of max phones.

I know better but still I got both…. Sometimes I wonder why I torture myself like this. Indecisive :man_shrugging:

I had the iPhone X then upgraded to the 12 Pro Max last year because the camera was a little better. Since the cameras are now identical, I’ve gone back to the smaller Pro 12. I bought the 128 GB model, as my current usage is only 1/2 of that. I didn’t know that ProRes video recording is only available on the models with >128GB, but I don’t think that matters to me at present. Next year I will have had experience with both size of models so I’ll be able to make a more informed decision regarding size.

I have always avoided the max size because it’s less comfortable in a front pocket and it’s much harder to operate with one hand.


This (one-handed operation) more than anything is what I miss in having an iPhone. I was SUPREMELY adept at one-thumb typing on the 3G - 5s iterations, and enjoyed landscape typing when that came along. Landscape just doesn’t work for my hands with the larger iPhones.

I keep creeping closer and closer to getting an iPhone Mini…