Who is doing a clean install to Mojave? Why or Why not?

Wondering if any of you are planning on doing a clean install for Mojave? and why or why not? I’ve had my iMac since late 2013 and have always done the update instead of the clean install partially in fear something would break that I have not thought of. If you have or will be doing a clean install, what steps do you take and how do you speed up the process. Thanks!

I am planning on doing a clean install of my 2015 MacBook Pro with Mojave. I’m currently collating a list of applications I will need to reinstall and ensuring all my passwords are in Bitwarden ready for the weekend when I ‘nuke and pave’.

I installed it just as soon as it was avaible. So far, no issues.

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if clean install, best way to handle music, photos and files, back up on separate HD or use time machine to load from back up?

I used to do a nuke and pave every time I upgraded macOS, but I’ve moved away from that in recent years. I’ll probably just upgrade in place unless I have some sort of issue.

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I agree, I always do the update, part of me would also like to experience a clean install and see if the Mac runs like a new machine, I’ve done a lot of tinkering with settings over the years, I’d rather leave it stock now with the exception of a few key apps I sue all the time (1Password, etc.)