Who is Gordon Kelly on Forbes and why does he hate Apple?

It seems every day on my Flipboard Apple feed there is a nasty article from Gordon Kelly with a clickbait headline on some imagined disaster from Apple. Obviously, someone at Apple did something terrible to him to deserve such continued bile.

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Because bad news about Apple generates traffic.


Because bad news about Apple generates traffic. Period. :smile:


There are a lot of analysts trying to time “peak Apple” and predict its fall. It’s something of a sport that will have serious bragging rights if it comes to pass.

Then there’s the irritation that Apple doesn’t e.g., pursue marketshare at the expense of profit, or (to put it another way) build machines to compete in all segments of a market which rankles some of journos out there, who too often couch their arguments in the old “reality distortion field” trope or that Apple consumers are sheeple transfixed by design at the expense of “value.” And there’s seemingly always a market for the resulting clickbait.