Who is using Todoist AI?

I know we have a fair number of productivity enthusiasts in these boards that are also using Todoist. So I’m curious if anyone is using this feature and how useful have you found it?

I got excited when I saw “AI assistant” in the title but it seems a little underwhelming so it would be interesting to see what users think. Like e.g. proposing tasks for an arbitrary goal you’ve just made up - “Learn Spanish” - I would assume there are millions of lists for doing that out there on the internet (and in books!) already, so how is this unique? They could make it unique, because for long-term users they have some data that could feed into a task list. E.g. “on a Tuesday night you tend to complete hobby actions, so this is when you should spend 30 mins reviewing Spanish verbs”, or something. (Heck for that specific action Duolingo is probably more sophisticated, and they’ve been “using AI/experimenting on their users” for years to optimise this.) To pull another example from their list, “become a better friend”, again there are probably millions of lists on the web for how to do this. But a cool implementation would be to say “you keep rolling over your task to call Fred, we should start with that” then start building in more user-specific actions (“You and Fred went to a plant shop together. Would you like to do some gardening together? You have a task to plant your new roses”).

And “receive concrete tips on how to achieve your tasks” seems not very sophisticated at all on first impression, but again using user data they could be doing something like “you don’t complete many tasks on a Monday, so it’s a good time to spend 30 mins replying to emails”.

I feel like there’s lots of space for AI in personal task management, but I’m not sure anyone is embracing it yet (I’m sure they will - the tech is new after all). We don’t want generic solutions (or I don’t anyway) - I want a task manager that knows that Monday is my “Monday meeting madness” day and it’s pointless scheduling tasks that day, and that uses the data it has on me to optimise my schedule (e.g. you always tick off big tasks on a Thursday, so let’s not schedule emails for that day). (In fact we need a good AI that recognise what is a big task and what is a small task - too few task managers capture estimated/actual time to completion, but if they did they could start learning each user’s unique behaviour in completing tasks, and then respond accordingly!).

There’s so much potential here!