Who uses a VPN on their phone, 24/7?

Subscribed to ExpressVPN yesterday, and have it set-up on my Mac Mini home server.
Obviously allows for the VPN to be run on up to 5 devices, which then includes iPads/iPhones etc.

I occasionally would turn on my previous VPN client, those few times I come across a video in my Feedly “feed” – usually a news item, or sports’ event highlight, that is area-restricted. But apart from this, and the “public wifi in a coffee shop/airport/hotel scenario” – is there any other reason to have it on permanently?

Surely nobody runs a VPN on their mobile as the “default” connectivity approach? Or are there use cases for that?

Curious to hear if I understand the normal approach correctly, and if running the VPN is more of the exception to the rule?

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I run ExpressVPN pretty much as you described. I see no reason to run it when I’m at home or in the office.

Depends how creepy your ISP is.

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I use ProtonVPN on my Mac, Ipad & iPhone.


I don’t run 24/7, especially when using financial websites/apps. VPN or DoH is a necessary if I want to access reddit, vimeo, streamable, subscene, 4chan on iOS because my country blocks those sites. In mac, I can just edit /etc/hosts

My thoughts, for what they’re worth …

I used to be a serious VPN users on public wifi, especially if it was open. But in the last couple years I worry about it a lot less. I’m guessing that nearly everything on the phone that’s connecting to some back-end services is using SSL? At least I’d assume all the major apps? But also, I haven’t been too many places in the last 18 months. :slight_smile:


My thoughts, for what they’re worth, align closely with yours. If it’s not safe to do without a VPN it’s not safe to do with one. (Work VPNs excepted)

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