Who's using Firefox Quantum on Mac?

I’m curious to know how many folks are using Firefox Quantum as their main browser on Mac?

I left Firefox for Safari shortly after moving from PC to Mac. Now I’m considering switching back to Firefox. Here’s why. In Safari 13, the Safari Extensions Gallery is being replaced with Safari App Extensions. My understanding is that 1Password 6 will no longer work in Safari 13 when it comes out. That’s a bummer! After more research I learned that some extension developers will not be supporting Safari 13. What does this mean for the future of extensions on the Mac?

By the way, if like me you’re still using 1Password 6 it will continue to work in Firefox and the other supported browsers.

1Password 6 will continue to work with other browsers. Safari lovers like myself won’t want to hear this one, but if you’re stuck and really can’t upgrade, you can still use 1Password 6 in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Vivaldi.

I am in the same boat. You dont consider upgrading 1password to v7? I know its a subscription but i rather do that then having to deal with a complete new browser experience.

You can get standalone licenses for 1 Password 7 - it’s not just subscription.

I switched to Firefox Quantum about a month ago when Safari started being very sluggish. I’ve been testing the latest versions of Opera, Cliqz, and Brave. Lots of choices these days. Currently Firefox is my default and Chrome is used with Google Drive/Apps. Safari is still in my Dock and used occasionally. All browsers use DuckDuckGo as the primary search engine. I’m very happy with the current incarnation of Firefox.

Oh cool, didn’t realize that

I know that’s an option but I would rather not have to spend $50 for the upgrade. I’m also considering Enpass as 1Password replacement. It’s a purchase at half the price of 1Password and their extension should work with Safari 13. I’m waiting for a reply from them to confirm.

I personally really like Firefox but they don’t seem to want (or be able to) support macOS features. There’s no support for text snippets or PIP for instance. No automatic “dark” mode and I doubt they’ll support Screen time this fall. :man_shrugging:t2:

I’m on Firefox Nightly.

I had not heard of Firefox Quantum, so I asked the Duck about it. It looks like its just Firefox; it’s not something different called Firefox Quantum. Is that correct?

Yes, it’s still Firefox. Quantum is the new Firefox browser engine.

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In that case, I am using it, but not as my main browser. I am currently waffling between Brave and Safari for main browser duties. Brave works better for our corporate intranet but Safari is more compatible with iPhone and iPad. 1PW works fine on all of them, but I’m on the family plan; which I highly recommend as a way of helping others be more secure. My wife, teenage son, and mother are all on it and actually use it!

I’m syncing bookmarks between all of the browsers using SynkMark on my always-on Mini and then using the browser-specific syncing (iCloud and Firefox sync) to get from one mac to the other (Brave uses Firefox sync). I actively use three different Macs plus iPhone, iPad and a Surface that work wants me to use.

I use it for my job side, for personal I still use Safari. I personally don’t find any difference, however I have to add that the browsing I do on my job is not that much and is more of internals pages that usually are crappy and slow due to VPN and stuff. I have to say that I have never seen Firefox crash or fail on me on the display of any page. The load time when comparing to chrome is mostly the same .

Are you sure? I just looked at the website and only found the subscription (for a reasonable price), but it could be me.

I should point out that the reason I use Firefox is that it has better - for me - support for HTML5 Canvas.

Specifically, in Firefox I can right click on a Canvas element and get a menu that includes the ability to save to a file.

On other browsers it’s not that simple. In particular, Safari would require me to write some javascript code.

It’s kinda hidden, you need to download the app and it’s an option within to either upgrade or buy a subscription.

It’s mentioned at the bottom in the blog - https://blog.1password.com/1password-7-for-mac-the-best-ever/ - but they’ve certainly priced it to make the subscription look better value!

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I was using it as a main browser, but I kept running into weird glitches. Certain sites just didn’t seem to want to work (nothing mission-critical, but just some random stuff that I’d have to switch to Chrome to view).

I switched to Chrome to test out Workona, and now I’m back on Safari due to Google’s ongoing privacy nonsense. :slight_smile: