Why are some photos in a folder?

Occasionally, I drag a photo out of Photos to my desktop to use in another application. Most of the time, the image appears as expected on my desktop. However, some images are placed in a folder. Why is that? Is there a setting to prevent this?

Thanks in advice for any advice.

Could they be Live Photos?

The Mac has long has a kind of “file” called a bundle, which is really a folder with a file extension (and maybe some other metadata that tells the system what it is).

Live Photos are images bundled with video clips – providing that Harry Potter-like moving image magic. I don’t know for sure that they’re represented as a bundle on the Mac, but it would make sense.

Dragging may be easy but exporting a photo (see File menu) gives you many options and much more control.

@tf2 no, it is an image originally created in Keynote and saved as PNG.

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That worked, thanks! Out of curiosity, why are some photos placed in a folder when dragged out of Photos?

No idea, I always export. :man_shrugging:

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Is it because you exported more than one picture?

That’s never happened to me, but I rarely do it.

Did you happen to move an album?

I wish it was that simple but no, I only dragged one photo to the desktop. This happens periodically to me; I’m just not sure why it happens.

No, just one photo. :slightly_smiling_face: