Why can't I find the Big Sur logo without the arrow?

My GoogleFu has not failed me this hard in a long time, but maybe someone here will have better luck.

I am looking for an icon (ideally square, at least 1024x1024) of Apple’s “Big Sur” logo which looks like this:

…except that I do not want the giant “Down Arrow”

I’ve tried reverse searches, I’ve tried keyword searches, but I can’t find anything bigger than about 230px square, which is way too small.

I found the one shown here at https://www.tonymacx86.com/images/bspb.png if that helps (that link works on one computer, but not another, I don’t know why).

I’m posting this with 50% expectation that I’ll find it as soon as I ask for help and 50% expectation that someone else will find it and I will be left to forever question my own GoogleFu prowess…

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Neither the picture you posted nor the link are working for me.

Not sure this is even the big sur logo? Looks like the beta update.app icon.

Schermafbeelding 2020-09-22 om 12.40.29

The software update screen has it without the arrow, but not sure you can get it from there?

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Not 1024x1024, but a google search for macOS Big Sur Logo got me this image from Wikipedia:

Yeah, that’s the best one I found too, but it’s not nearly big enough.

Seems very weird to me, but maybe once Big Sur comes out it will be easier to find.

Not the logo. But with the wallpaper you might spoof the logo.



What about this?

This might be the same,