Why can't I get Siri to start YT Music on Homepod

I can summon Siri to play music on iPhone or iPad to play music on YouTube music instead of Apple Music. However, Siri refuses to do that on the HomePod. Is there any technical reason that prevents Siri from being more helpful?

I only way I can get YT Music to play on homepod is via AirPlay and that is not desirable to me as I have to keep my iPhone or iPad nearby all the time and this drains battery

There are apps on your iPhone and iPad that can handle YouTube. The HomePod has no apps. The HomePod can play Apple’s media because it’s on Apple’s servers, but it can’t do that on YouTube’s servers because it has no access.

It appears only Pandora, Deezer, TuneIn Radio, and iHeartRadio have Siri support. Except for draining the battery from my iPad I don’t consider this an inconvenience. When I was streaming the latest MacPowerUsers podcast on Sunday I asked Siri to skip back 30 seconds.

Siri replied “Here’s what I found on the web about skip back 30 seconds”.

Siri can use some more AI coaching :stuck_out_tongue:

Siri is so far behind Alexa and Google Assistant she’s not in the same time zone.

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Sometimes I think Siri is not a real person.