Why connect iPhone to iMac via Bluetooth?

This may sound like a pretty basic question, but I could not find much online. What would be a reason that I should connect my iPhone 12 to my iMac via Bluetooth? Is there any unique feature or functionality that would make it worth it? Does it drain the phone battery? Really just curious more than anything else.

Mobile hotspots and Airdrop are two good reasons to allow it.

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I don’t think that you have to actively connect the phone to the mac for this though. I.e. add the Phone as a Bluetooth device via preferences. ICloud handles this.

When I choose an audio output source for my phone (AirPods, speaker, etc.), one of the choices is often my laptop, if it’s close enough. I’ve never tried it, but presumably I could use it as a kind of overpowered speaker and mic. Not sure if you have to explicitly pair the devices for this to work however.