Why did Windows Phone fail?

I had never heard of Hongkiat (amazing site!), so I did read it, yes. Apparently Windows phones had gorgeous apps and Microsoft support! It’s a wonder that the Windows phone failed! Good arguments, I am convinced.

The AI is failing a bit here. I wonder if they can get it to present an argument instead of just asking the same question back repeatedly.

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You’re failing to contribute something to this topic that doesn’t involve backtalk.

You know, I am genuinely starting to wonder if you might not be right about that. I am definitely feeling Dr Sbaitso vibes.

There is something weird about the account. It could just be a 12 year old kid who dreams of getting a job at MacRumors so he’s trying to be super helpful (without actually being helpful). If that is the case, I will feel bad for teasing him.

It’s obviously just the same person/AI as the Patrick Pai account. For the most part it can’t discuss anything, it just repeats questions, makes a brief counter point without any explanation, and posts links it gets from web searches.

It’s kind of entertaining at this point. I need a podcast “Bot or Not?”

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I would love to discuss the topic with you. Please tell us how the Windows Phone was successful, in your words, not links.

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If you enjoy John Siracusa at his most exacting, you’re in luck! :slight_smile: Although it’s more about food types these days. They take suggestions on Twitter, too.

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Yeah, my podcast will be a play on that! I have this, Reddit bots, and Amazon reviews. I figure I can get a dozen shows out of it!


The two things in the first article I’d say were unique were Microsoft integration and XBox games. Other things such as Offline maps weren’t available across the whole range, just certain phones. I can’t remember back to that time how big a deal Integration was (or how big a miss it was on iOS or Android). Obviously XBox wasn’t a big enough draw or the phone would have done better. Everything else was available on either iOS or Android.

By 8.1 it was all over. 7 wasn’t generally received well by consumers, businesses or developers and 8 was the last chance saloon which unfortunately left 1 year old Windows Phones unable to upgrade to 8 from 7 which turned purchasers and businesses off even further and segmented the market for developers. Alongside the general apathy/hatred to Windows 8 (part of the same code base allegedly) on Laptop and Desktops and the fact that the Surface RT was a dismal flop it consigned 8.1 to an irrelevance.

Having said all that, I still think it was a good OS, just too late.

IIRC, and the internet suggest I am, you couldn’t play Xbox games on the phone. They made mobile versions of Xbox games. In other words, it was just a marketing thing.

Everyone I met who had a Windows phone liked it. It seemed like a capable OS, but it didn’t really offer anything new or exciting. As you said, it was just too late.

Are you just joking? If I’m talking to a wall, maybe I should just stop replying to you…