Why didn’t I think of this before? Markdown text replacement

This is so simple and obvious I’m embarrassed to post it. But that never stopped me before! :slightly_smiling_face:

This morning, before church, I was working on a blog article. The article included headings and subheadings five levels deep. I found myself hitting the # key multiple times for each subheading. Then it hit me, “Mosbacker, you idiot, why don’t you have text replacements set up for this?”

Good question. So, I set up four simple text replacement shortcuts: h2 = ##, h3 = ###, and so on. This is much faster.

Duh. :roll_eyes:

This idea may help someone else. You don’t have to admit it if it does. :joy:


That’s a good idea! Your editor might’ve had header shortcuts, too. E.g., iA assigns cmd 1 through 6 to headers.


In Obsidian you can set a keyboard shortcut for “Set As Header x”, so you could reproduce the iA functionality there too.