Why does Shortcuts show me action for apps I don’t have?

In Shortcuts, When I look under “Documents” I see actions for apps I don’t have (and have never had), for example Bear, Ulysses, Evernote, et al. Why is this?

These are some of the old actions built into Shortcuts. I’ve heard that they should be removed at some point, - as developers can now write and create their own, but if they disappeared tonight I’m sure a lot of people would be upset that their shortcuts are now broken.

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Thanks, I was wondering this myself.

p.s. Just purchased your book, Rose! Nice work! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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I guess that’s a good answer. I’m just starting with Shortcuts, so they. appeared to me to be implicitly recommending those apps, which is un-Apple-y, IMHO. Thanks @RosemaryOrchard.