Why does the file copies sometime create version with a duplicate with a number

Sometimes when I copy a file to a location that already has the same file name it just creates the same file name but with a incremented number, when I copy it again it just increments the number and creates another file.

How do I Consolidate files without creating a bunch of duplicates.

How do you copy? Finder or cp command in Terminal? If Finder, it asked you if you want to overwrite or keep both (or some words which I can’t remember … not on mac). If you say keep both, it does as you say.

I just finder or Path Finder or Houda Spot.

Sometimes it is just a Drag and Drop, sometimes it is a Cmd C Cmd V or Cmd Option V.

Is there any documentation on how it is supposed to work.

I am used to Windows where it says, the file already exists, do you want to overwrite or skip, All files or just this one.

I have a bunch of Dups and I thought that if I just moved the files to a consolidation folder I would just end up with unique files instead of Filexxx1.pdf, Filexxx2.pdf etc…

Re documentation, start with Menu: Finder/Help. Probably can find thousands of documents and videos via internet search engine. I haven’t the foggiest about Houda Spot (in fact, never heard of it).

macOS does the same thing if you use Finder, so they’re being created by something else.

Whatever app is creating these is smart enough to recognize the potential collision, but not smart enough to prompt you to ask what you want to do.

If I had to guess (and it is just a guess), I would wonder if this is a “feature” of Path Finder where it automatically renames, rather than overwrites, existing files.

I get the same thing when using ‘Save as…’

I believe it’s a permissions issue but not had the chance to solve it.