Why doesn't stock weather app get more love on this forum?

I find it perplexing that the stock weather app does not get more love on this forum. It is beautifully designed, informative, and accurate–and it is free.

This screenshot is from the Mac version.

And, double-clicking on elements on the map takes you into deeper data:


It is indeed a very good application. I find it much easier to visualise on the Mac than the iPhone. I tend to have it as one of those always on apps.

One thing I would like though is a menubar interface.


I have to say I recently (re)discovered it and I totally agree. Before I had third party weather apps that I was very happy with. And then suddenly I checked the Apple weather app and was really surprised at how nice and well designed it was! So I went for it.
And actually, concurrently to what MPU says repeatedly, I am slowly ditching 3rd party apps for native ones because they are getting better and better: mail, weather, notes (although i keep drafts+obsidian), and although i stay on Fantastical, I regularly wonder why…

I do not remember the last time I used the stock weather app as it gives neither a localised forecast not estimates of when precipitataion is likely to start or stop. For those crucial things I use OpenWeatherMap.org either through my web browser or their iOS/iPadOS app. OWM is a godsend compared to stock weather app.

That’s strange, are you outside the US? Is the Apple Weather app not as good in other countries? I’ve been really happy with it.

I am indeed outside the US. And there is no weather app on either of my Macs both of which are running Monterey at the moment because I am providing back office support to canvassers for the up-coming local council elections and do not want interruptions to that support.

Yuo have prompted me to look at the app on my iPad again and it is significantly improved from the last time I did so. Although the display is very very “busy” especially as the vital precipitation projections are hidden away.

So until such time as all my devices have a consistent and easy to read display I am sticking with OpenWeather,org either as an app or a bookmarked web site.

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I does in the US and in my area it is vey accurate.


I grew up in the Air Force and I’ve lived in a half of this country and overseas. I can tell you that that statement is said in just about every place I have lived, the big exceptions would be some places in California for example, San Diego. San Diego’s weather is like Groundhog Day it’s always the same. :joy:


I don’t like having to double click on iOS to change from temp to precipitation. BUT, I love the Watch complication.

I use Carrot because the stock app complication only shows temp. Carrot shows temp AND condition. I mush prefer that

I’m sitting in my living room and just opened the app. On the far left it is displaying the temperature for my city and also for “My Location” and the temps in these two fields are are different.

And I have seen Its predictions, in these fields, of when rain will start or stop differ by 20 minutes or more, on a day when it isn’t raining anywhere in the city. I’m glad it works for you, but I never use Apple’s Weather app.

Funny you should ask. I have Carrot on my phone, but I use the stock weather app on my Watch and use it occasionally on my Mac and am generally fine with it. Except that tonight, not long after I first saw this thread, a tornado watch that began at 4 this afternoon and continues until 10 tonight just disappeared from my Watch for about 20 minutes or so. That seemed odd.

Otherwise it’s OK for me, although I’ve noticed over the years that I’m not nearly as fanatical about weather apps as many iPhone users seem to be.

And I consider the stock app’s Watch complications to be so poorly designed that it borders on insulting. Never, ever in my life have I ever thought, “Hm, I wonder what the temperature was 9 hours ago.” But there it is taking up space on my Watch face, every ding dong day.

Maybe someday they’ll use that same advanced user interface to show me what time it was 9 hours ago.

I would do that, because that’s also what I prefer in a complication, but for me the Carrot complication is never current. Every time I tap it and then return from the app to the watch face, the temperature has updated itself.

If I want to see a temperature from the past on my watch face, the stock app has me covered.

Given we get no rain from May to around October and temperatures hovering in the 70’s-80’s every day during that time a weather app seems pretty useless here.

We also live in a narrow coastal band of 2-3 miles between the sea and the hills so it can be violent thunderstorms over either and not here, again making accurate data unlikely.

I look at the stock weather app in the rainy season and it’s pretty accurate generally but really a quick look outside works just as well.

YMMV (Your Meteorology May Vary).

While the app is unquestionably beautiful, it is only as good as the data it displays. I’ve tried most of the popular weather apps, including some that I’ve been told can predict rain to within a very small area within a few minutes. Not here.

Our situation is best summed up by my wife’s observation one morning… “Oh, I don’t like what that one says, I’m going to use the other one.” Yes, if you don’t like what you see, try another app for a different outlook. Literally!

The only app I regularly use is from our official government meteorology service who do not provide their data to third parties. And that is no great loss, because it’s not particularly accurate. I travel less than 15 minutes by train and 10 minutes on foot to my work and it’s my guess against theirs what kind of coat or jacket I might need, if any.

So yeah… pretty, but also pretty useless to me.

Good point, that’s definitely a negative.

The app itself is quite good from a feature and function point of view, however here in Australia the weather data just isn’t at the right level of accuracy.

This is odd given the Australian Government, The Bureau of Meteorology, is cited by apple as been a source, however against this web site and its app (and a number of other apps like snowflake and WillyWeather), apple weather just isn’t right most of the time.

It’s funny you posted this today. I checked the weather app before leaving the house. Nothing about rain in the forecast at any point today, but I look out the window and notice the ground is wet and people are holding umbrellas.

I’ve also had the opposite happen, rain in the forecast, I carry the umbrella all day long and not a drop of rain.

I don’t know if I should blame Apple or just the “science” of weather prediction in general.

Our situation is best summed up by my wife’s observation one morning… “Oh, I don’t like what that one says, I’m going to use the other one.” Yes, if you don’t like what you see, try another app for a different outlook. Literally!

I do exactly the same thing.

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I use the Apple weather app and it does have a nice aesthetic. I miss the WeatherLine app with forecast daily high and low temperature for the next week displayed as a line. Even better was the graphic used by the NYTimes showing the high and low forecast as well as recent history.

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