Why is KatieFloyd.com down?

Was it mentioned in the podcast?

A few months ago, I think it was episode #441 The Grass Is Always Greener but I may be wrong, Katie announced that she was giving up her blog at KatieFloyd.com as her duties as Ambassador to the Klingon Empire were taking up too much of her free time, or something like that.


Yup. Katie shut down the site. She’s also backing off Twitter. She’s still all in on Mac Power Users though.

That’s too bad. Even if she wasn’t going to post to it anymore the katiefloyd.com archive was still a great resource.

The Wayback Machine is nice in a pinch, but it’s a lot less user friendly than having the actual site up.

True :slight_smile:

Nevertheless it’s too late now. The domain sharks has attacked.

With @katiefloyd 's permission someone could snatch up the blog posts from Wayback Machine and set up a public/private repository of some sort. If Katie’s cool with it, I’d be happy to help.


I’ve taken the site down intentionally. Not to worry, I still control all the domain names. I’ve made a conscious intention of late to back off my public online presence which includes the website and twitter.

I announced this on the site several months ago with a warning letting people know to grab any content they wanted for personal use.

If there’s any content you want to pull offline for your offline personal use and reference, that’s fine. But otherwise I’d ask you respect my decision and not re-post or publish it.


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