Why is my Mac slow when internet is spotty?

Yesterday my Mac started freezing again and acting very weird.
I’ve noticed this happens from time to time every time my wifi router has issues or my internet is slow.
I tried: shutting down every app, rebooted, rebooted again, disabled the eGPU, everything.
Finally switched to a different WiFi and it started working again.

I’ve tried googling this but haven’t found an answer as to why this happens

Thanks wise people of the internet!

This happens to me regularly at work when WiFi is not working well. I usually do the same - disconnect and reconnect WiFi - and it solves the issue. This is when using laptop without any peripherals.

I’d love to find a better solution too!

Same here. I don’t know if apps are phoning home to check licenses or what. It’s pretty annoying.
Are you using Catalina?

Could it be this? Mac users couldn’t launch apps this afternoon after Apple verification server issue

Yes using Catalina

@bolero That’s it! unbelievable,
reading comment from Rob, just remembered last time it happened, I disabled WiFi and it solved it