Why is that the iPhone has

A search bar for finding apps, but the iPad does not?

When you swipe the iPhone screen all the way to the right, there is a search bar at the top that allows you to launch an app by typing in its name. I cannot find this on the iPad. It’s quite useful.

Is this not the search bar you get when you pull down on any screen on iOS or iPadOS? You can also get it if you press command + space on an external keyboard.


I don’t see any search bar when pulling down the screen on iOS nor iPadOS.

See attached screenshot from iOS. The search bar is at the top.

Hmm. Colour me very confused. This is what you should see when you pull down on the homescreen…


The GIF is tiny, but Discourse isn’t letting me upload a video. Hopefully you can still see what’s happening.

Also, this is an iPhone, but the behaviour is identical on an iPad.

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iPadOS 13. Swipe down from the middle of the screen (or thereabouts).



Yes there are two swipe actions:

  1. If you start the swipe from the top edge of the screen (i.e. from the clock), you will get the Notification Center.
  2. Start from middle of the screen, you will get spotlight search.
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Ok, will try pulling down when I get home tonight