Why is the Drafts App Using Markdown with Default Set to Plain?

Since beginning my 30 day “spirit quest” using only my iPad, I have been using the Drafts app. extensively. However, although I have Drafts set to default to plain text when I open it, it still shows Markdown syntax when I bold or add bullet points. I presume this is expected behavior since I’m trying to add rich text elements to a plain text document. Am I correct on this? If so, is there any reason why I would not want to copy the basic keyboard commands over to the Markdown keyboard and us that at all times?

So, there is no bold if you use “plain text”, right? Imagine a typewriter. Uppercase and lowercase is what you get.

The setting refers to how Drafts will highlight your text on screen or when exported, depending on which format you choose. Again, your two asterixes are just that - two asterixes. There is nothing highlighted in the view you are showing. Switching to Markdown will still save your text as “plain text” but it will also indicate on screen words you have set in bold type or italics.

Did I understand your question correctly?

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Now I understand the difference. Using bold or other rich text formatting shows the Markup syntax when using EITHER the plain text or the Markdown style sheets and both will export showing the rich text formatting but only the Markdown style sheet show the formatting while I’m typing. This makes sense and is helpful. Thanks!

I’ll try this after posting this reply but I wonder if I can copy some of my basic keyboard commands (e.g., dictation and check lists) to the Markdown keyboard so I have them readily available to me. I know most of the basic Markdown keyboard shortcuts but a few, like a check list, I have not yet memorized.

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I tried it, it works. So, I have essentially combined the most important commands from the Basic and the Markdown keyboards to the Markdown keyboard. This keyboard and the Markdown style sheet are now my defaults.