Why should I use Drafts especially with OmniFocus?

I’m a very big user of Omnifocus. I have really been seeing that alot of people use Drafts to enter items into Omnifocus.

I tried to read Rosemary’s blog post, but I’m still not getting why there is value in that.

I use the OF user interface to add items. I always use email to send tasks and items to OF. What does Drafts give me that I’m not experiencing now!

Thanks in advance!

I went through why use Drafts at all phase. I needed to play Wirehaired Terrier, circle around, dash in, take a bite, back out to circle mode. More so than many apps Drafts is a package deal. Drafts allows me to dart in and … One specific question such as your OmniFocus one is harder to look at in isolation. For one user it using it to enter stuff in a task manager is wonderful. For another it’s a waste of time. It all depends on how Drafts is being used overall.

Maybe it’s the different paradigm that people like.

  • type stuff, run an action, done
  • click somewhere, type stuff, click, click, date picker, type stuff, click, click, done
    (Substitute “poke” for “click” for iPad)

I copied this from an email: “CABI’s monthly users meeting of the semester on Thursday, October 18, 2018 at 9:30am - 10:30am here at CABI’s conference room”, ran Fatastically Good Event Parser, and got this:
Pretty cool, no tedium of date and time picking, etc.

I have an older iPhone and it is much faster to launch Drafts and start typing or dictating. I have to wait for Omnifocus to launch and then find the add to inbox button.

Drafts is that generic inbox for text items. When I arrive at home or the office, it’s easy enough to push each draft to its intended destination - Fantastical, Ulysses, or OmniFocus.


Drafts is one of the few apps which incorporates the good action design - first type in what you have in mind, then think what you want to do with it. Another one would be launchbar. So many apps get it completely wrong.


For me, if you have a lot of action to add to OF, I open draft, type all details, send to OF…and done. They are even sent to the project without a lot of tapping.

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For me Drafts is the go to text entry app. I cannot remember when Text did not start in Drafts for me.
One app -> actions, done!
it’s all about efficiency and speed.

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