Why use Goodlinks? (Already have Reeder and Pocket)

Hi everyone, lots of people here use and love Goodlinks including @ismh. What’s so special about this app. At a quick glance, it looks something similar to Pocket or Reeder (it has a Read Later feature). I’m sure I’m missing something here. Can y’all enlighten me please

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You’ll quickly find this Forum is never happy with only one app or one way to do things when there might be six other apps that we could try out and recommend to each other.


I like Goodlinks because it is simpler than Pocket, Reeder, or Instapaper. It doesn’t have a social network attached to it, there’s no subscription, it doesn’t have a full-blown RSS reader attached to it. You just save links for later reading (or viewing), with the option to change the title and description and add tags. It also does a very nice job of saving your place in an article when you leave and then come back.


Goodlinks syncs via iCloud, which means you don’t need to create an account with a web-based service. It’s not a subscription service, it doesn’t track you, and it doesn’t serve ads. I’ve migrated from Pocket (the free version) to Goodlinks and so far haven’t found anything about the former that I miss.

Reeder (v5) now also syncs via iCloud and it’s not a subscription service either. It’s more expensive than Goodlinks, but for the price you get both an rss feed reader and a read-it-later service.

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As I get older, like Merlin said in Back to Work, I don’t have the bandwidth to hop around a thousand apps trying to pin down what works.

It can be a fun rat race but eventually it becomes a hamster wheel you’re loathe to get off of.

That seems to be a lot of what we have to offer here on the Forum. I wish you well and hope you find what you are looking for.

I think the solution for someone without bandwidth is to step back from trying to save articles rather than optimize that workflow, unless heavy reading is part of their job, as it obviously is for someone working in media like Stephen does.

It’s easy to skip the threads where people with bandwidth are making decisions, too.

For me, it’s the clean UI in an app, not a website. And it’s extensions are great.