Why won't Shortcuts let me make a simple TickTick shortcut?

So I’m trying to make a shortcut which will pass through text to TickTick. Example: “Monday morning take out the trash.”
First I tried making it “Add Task”, as in “Add Task Monday Morning…”, but it just sent it to Reminders, which I don’t use.
Then I tried making it “TIckTick”, but it just opens up TickTick with nothing happening.
I’ve also tried “Task” (Reminders), “Tick” (reads as Take, and gets confused)
Finally I just deleted Reminders - cause who cares - but now it says I haven’t got a reminders app, so I need to download one.

What’s a busy person supposed to do?

Are you using the app specific commands? I mean the ones for the TickTick app?
If not, it would not work.

If the app developer does not program options for it, iOS will not be able to use it in the shortcuts app

Btw they do have a url scheme option.

But all in all, not a very automation friendly app…
(So not for busy people ;-))

It looks to me like TickTick has very little support for Shortcuts. Inside the app they have iOS 12 style Shortcuts, but these only open the app to the right view - including their Add Task action. Hopefully they’ll improve support for this.

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No idea about versioning. I use this one: