Why Zoom overtook Skype - too bad Apple Messages can’t compete at this level

I found this to be an interesting short read. It is too bad that Apple hasn’t been a leader in the development of Messages as a robust cross platform program. They’ve made progress over the last year but I don’t see it overtaking or even competing very closely with Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Whilst I think MS dropped the ball with Skype, comparing it to Zoom seems pointless?
A nonsense article to my mind.

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Thank you for sharing this.

Let me start by saying I (have to) use them all - Zoom, Teams, Skype, Facetime, etc, with friends, partners, suppliers, and customers.

If I may, and with respect, I would say that the rumors about Zoom overtaking the market are greatly exaggerated (as Mr. Twain would ponder), and so are the rumors about the decadence of Skype.

Zoom has a “small” annoyance, which is to allow the initiator of the call to record it. Teams has evident performance issues. Skype has great performance.

Regarding the prevalent Apple decision to $tay out of the Windows, and Android worlds, I believe it to be wi$e, for technical and, $hall we $ay, market reason$.


I’d welcome a cross platform Messages app but it would have stiff competition.

Agreed. I find Messages to be much less useful that it could be due to its lack of presence on non-Apple platforms.

Thi$ right here. Are we talking about the same company that brightly colors the messages differently, that it does receive cross platform, just so we all know what kind of device they sent it from, why they opted not to invest more in cross platform features?

I’ll add that to my reading list, next to Amazon Launches Platform to boost Main Street Sales and Overlooked Advantages to Increased Privacy for Facebook Users.

Jokes aside, yes, it would be nice, but I don’t see the angle for Apple.

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Interesting read (and publication–CEO Magazine!?)

My hazy recollection is that Microsoft made a strategic error by integrating into their pre-Teams/O365 business strategy by rebranding Lync for Business with Skype, giving up momentum on their consumer product in exchange. In addition to that, MS has always simply struggled to gain presence with fun consumer apps on the desktop. They were late with the Edge rework into an attractive product; imagine if they’d been early and also integrated video calling and one-click-to-join meeting notices.

Or purchased Zoom! :grinning: