Widespread Internet Disruption?

Has anyone experienced unusual web app failures today?

Last night a service I use for document merging called Formstack had an outage; usually they fix these things very quickly but it has now been almost 24 hours and I get the sense they have no real clue as to why their systems are not working.

Today I got messages from 5 different vendors who Enterprise-level web portals I use for exchanging medical and legal documents. They all report vague “delays” with no clear explanation.

Maybe this is just a coincidence as I have not read anything about any widespread internet disruption. But that is a large number of enterprise grade sites to have issues simultaneously.

Anyone else with similar observations?

This might be a good place to start your sleuthing.

also you might try:

Yes,various services not there or giving access errors or just REALLY slow, I havne’t bothered to look more as I’ve had other more pressing needs today.

I’ve been getting Reddit timeouts tonight.

My new home pod mini couldn’t pick up any songs outside my music library.

Of course, nothing happening in the world right now to suggest that might be the case. :wink:


I couldn’t watch AppleTV+ last night. Wouldn’t load. Peacock and Netflix worked fine.