Widget calendar

Can anyone recommend a widget calendar? I use week cal and there widget is only the current day or next day. I’m looking for maybe a month view or a week view. Even if I have to download another app just for the widget I will.

Is this for iOS? If so, I recommend the Fantastical widget. In its expanded form it shows the entire month, and a list for the selected day in that month.

Yes iOS. Just looked at fantastical it is a very nice widget.

I recommend fantastical for this too. It gives a much more useful widget view than other calender apps.

I use it all day, and it’s a great design.

For a weekly widget view Eventail by Jozef Legeny is great and the developer is very responsive.

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+1 for Eventail. It is a good info display and very handy in the phone’s widgets.

There both very good. Thanks. I downloaded fantastical a long time ago and didn’t like it much, but the widget is great and eventail is great also. Tough decision to pick one.

For the people that use eventail did you pay for the pro app, or use the free one?

I used to use Week Calendar Widget Pro

but I replaced it with Calendar 366,

and liked it so much I ended up getting the complementary Mac app, which has an excellent integrated menubar clock.

I use the paid app - the free version gives 3 days view in the widget; with the paid version you get up to a rolling 7 days and more functionality and interaction.

The developer is quick to reply and helpful. I like to support good developers.