Widgets on the Mac Desktop

Am I the only one who thinks widgets on the Mac desktop would be a good idea? I feel like I never use them when they are hidden behind a trackpad swipe.


Personally I like them in Notification Center. Easy to get to and hide away. I just wish they would fix it so that my 3rd party ones would stop disappearing.

Day One’s widget is in German despite my computer using English. Their support said it’s a known issue.

I still use Dashboard on some old Mac minis here (running old versions of macOS) and only gave up on my main Macs when it was dropped. I don’t like the iOS-style widgets and notifications on my Mac.

Wait a minute, what widgets are hidden behind a trackpad swipe? What have I missed?

I immensely miss the Dashboard, just how easy it was to snap a part of a website and have it seen on you dashboard was magic. And the currency converter was just easier than to Google it.

And yes! Ie I’d like desktop widgets!

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Two finger swipe left to open Notification Center with its widgets.

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Ah, thanks. For me that’s just “notification center”. Should maybe investigate that a little bit more… :thinking:

It would be nice if it stayed open instead of closing the moment you do something else.

If someone can create something that stays open in the background, like a “Widget on the Mac Desktop”, that would be nice.

There is a program that can display information on your macOS desktop. This program is called Ăśbersicht, it lets you run system commands and display their output on your desktop, like the iOS widgets. If you are familiar with HTML and Javascript, you can build your own widgets to tailor your specific needs or tweak the existing ones.